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Customize your  braces with multiple designs!!!

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About Snapcaps

Snapcaps were designed by an orthodontist to make braces more fun! 


Snapcaps are mini bumpers that cover each brace independently. The different designs allow you to change the look of your braces at home, whenever you want. 

Snapcaps are:

  • Easy to clean

  • Simple to take on and off

  • FUN!!!


Snapcaps should not affect your orthodontic treatment as they attach to the brackets, but do not engage the wire.  Snapcaps tend to last for months when properly cared for. 


Questions about Snapcaps? Please fill out and submit the following information.

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Leanne D.

This is truly a unique and innovative accessory for braces. They are easy to put on and take off and verycomfortable. My daughter has several different designs and will coordinate her snapcaps with what she is wearing.

Lane C.

Snapcaps are awesome! My daughter recently got some Spooky Halloween ones and the kids at school all want braces now so they can get them too! They snap on easily. We can't wait to see some Christmas Snapcaps!

Crystal M.

Snapcaps are so cool! My son loves his Halloween themed skulls and can't wait to get a new set.

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