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How are Snapcaps different from other bumpers on the market?

Snapcaps are similar in design to other bumpers, however, they are smaller, have a safety stop that keeps them centered on each brace and they have design options. 

What are Snapcaps made of?

Snapcaps are made with the same materials that are commonly used for athletic mouth guards.

How do I clean them? 

We recommend cleaning them in the container, by either using a retainer cleaning solution or by immersing the Snapcaps into a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and luke warm water for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. 

Can they be placed in the dishwasher?

The heat in the dishwasher could distort the Snapcaps and cause them to not fit properly over the braces. 


Will the ink come off with use?

Rather than using ink, the designs are applied with fusion technology, which uses an FDA approved pigmented plastic that is fused into the base of the Snapcaps.

Can these be placed on any of the teeth with braces?

We only recommend Snapcaps be used on the upper four front teeth and only metal braces. Snapcaps have been found to be compatible with the most commonly used metal braces. For further information regarding compatibility, please contact us. 

Are Snapcaps safe to use with my braces?

Similar to orthodontic wax or rubber bands, Snapcaps are non-toxic if swallowed, and should pass uneventfully through the digestive system. Because Snapcaps are removed for eating, brushing and sleeping, they are less likely to be swallowed than orthodontic wax.

Can I eat with these in?

There is always a chance that a Snapcap could come off while eating, as eating patterns vary from person to person and meal to meal. Therefore, we recommend that you remove the Snapcaps prior to eating. 

What happens if I swallow one?

It should pass naturally through your digestive system.

What should I do if they feel loose or come off when I don't want them to?

Discontinue using them. 

Are Snapcaps BPA free?


Are Snapcaps latex free?



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